Weight Upgrade

A weight upgrade is a process that enables your caravan to legally carry more weight.  This is completed through a detailed inspection and upgrades to the caravans componentry and/or suspension.  The work is overseen and certified by a Vehicle Engineer.

To get more payload usually.  It is common for caravans to have small payloads.  The payload is the legal amount of weight that you are allowed to fit inside your caravan.  Over the years, the accessories that consumers demand, the way in which people travel, where they go and how long they want to stay in remote areas has resulted in the payload simply not being enough sometimes.  If you want to have more payload, you may need the caravan to undergo a weight upgrade.   Weight upgrades are becoming more popular and are often necessary to ensure your caravan is complaint with weight regulations.

Anyone wanting more payload would benefit but below are some explicit examples.

Second hand caravan owners

Second hand caravans have often had accessories added, over numerous ownerships, without consideration for the weight of the caravan.  This often results in caravans being overweight and not compliant with regulations.

Those that want more accessories

If you desire additional accessories for your caravan, this cuts into your payload, resulting in you being able to take less items away with you.  This may suit you, if you are a light traveller, or if the accessory you are wanting to ad is small, for example an awning support arm.  The need for our weight upgrade service is greater when you are wanting to add heavy accessories to your caravan, for example, additional batteries and solar panels.  You dont want to be in a position where you have a great caravan set up, but one that you legally cant put anything in either!

  1. We view the car specifications
  2. We view the caravan vin plate specifications
  3. We weigh the caravan
  4. We talk to you

About how much payload you want and what accessories you want fitted.

  1. We complete the caravan inspection and consult with you again.

About the extent of the work needed to achieve your goals and the costs involved.

  1. We complete the work
  2. Work is quality checked
  3. The work is certified by the Vehicle Engineer.
  4. You receive an engineers certificate to present to Vic Roads.

This will depend on the extend of the consultation we have with you and the amount of work involved, but you can expect your caravan will be in our workshop for several weeks.

All work is covered by warranty and you will be provided with a copy of our warranty policy.